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Hello Michael,

Eichenbaum has an scenario of sevastapol i think those units got the signia

The 11th army under Manstein attacked in 1941 that city

That was the 22nd,24th,18th,28th,72nd,170th,132nd inf divisions the 1st mountain division

Also many romanian divisions but i dont know if they got the signia


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There was also this one regiment--200(?) I think that was outfitted entirely with aptured French tanks--even B1Bs(which of cours, we do not have :mad: ). They are listed in Biderman's [sic] book. They tried to break the Russian defense line at Sevastopol but got pasted.

I was thinking about doing a battle on this fight, but sometimes history does not create a good battle/op for CM.

The ground conditions were mud. :(

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