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German 81mm Mortar

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Without doubt, one of my favourite bits of Kraut kit - whether being lugged across the battlefield or called in by a forward observer.

However, in reality it was reckoned that the quickest one of these beauties could be assembled and ready for action was in about 3 minutes. Our lovely pixellated CM Germans can slap one together in around 30 seconds and be banging out the rounds straightaway.

And only the other day, the dreaded Mr Yormsha pointed out to me that in CM this unit can be transported by a Kubelwagen. I immediately had visions of one of those 'how many students can you get in a Mini?' competitions - I mean 6 blokes and all that kit, not to mention the ammunition. In a Kubelwagen?

That's some fast-moving German firepower readily available and my new QB line-ups look more like episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard. All I need now is a Mod to make the Kubel look like an orange Dodge Charger with a Confederate flag on the roof...

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Originally posted by Zalgiris 1410:

No the best on board mortar is the heavy half tracked version, the 81mm carrying Sd Kfz 251/2 because it comes with 66 rounds!

The best onboard mortar in CMBB is the Sturmtiger! It comes with a 66 meter blast zone!!

Wooo Hooo !!!! :D

If you've never used one I highly recommend them. The only problem is that you alwasy find one in a crowd of Russians... :D

It even somewhat resembles the version that Kingfish prefers. The part of the barrel big enough to drive a Sherman into... tongue.gif

The HSG Tiger Pack at The Proving Grounds has a ST scenario in it.

Sorry, TPG needs the publicity... :cool:

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I frequently use the American 81mm mortar based on the M3 halftrack.(I forget the designator) It has a very large ammo load, no setup time, plus it can move more easily than an infantry mortar. In a recent QB, I had one fire the HE and smoke shells in conjunction with TRPs to some effect, and the .50 cal MG that is also mounted on the vehicle helped to break up a last ditch infantry assault. Well worth the points.

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