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Reasons you lose...

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I lose when I play players who know all the game limitations, know if place the HMG 19m metres in woods he can't be spotted, if you run two tanks around together at the hip your likely to get more damage. If you smoke a person, you can then use area fire to finish them off. Borg spotting

Players that only pick units that will win, Paratrooper infantry supported by Stugs not based on the typical battlefied makeup.

Or use of the limitations of maps, edges, flag runs and other CM tactics.

I been beaten on players that have out thought me as well in where I thought they would head but didn't, but majority I get trounced by CM game players, not tacticians.

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What mostly causes me to lose is giving the enemy something to shoot at!

If I place my guys too far forward with less-than-adequate cover and no means of escape they're doomed from the start (unless my opponent makes some grotesque error). If i place my guys someplace where my opponent has to ferret them out I'm usually able to whittle his forces down.

Last weekend I played a Villers Bocage scenario vs a pile of Tigers than I SHOULD have lost to. But I made it so he was forced to find me to kill me. I managed to disrupt his formation and gradually whittle down his forces. First time I've won against tigers in a LONG time!

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