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Blitzkrieg operation

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I'm new to this game and am playing my first operation as the Germans. I keep getting stuck in this same situation and was wondering how to overcome it. I move up to a point at the edge of a clearing where a russian MG opens fire on me from a well placed foxhole, usually from higher ground with good LOS. My platoon can't rush him - too much open ground to cross. I can't get a LOS to him with my 50 mm mortar crew without them getting spotted and shot at. I don't have any smoke. I can't use tanks for fear of hidden 45 mm AT guns. What do you guys do in situations like this? There's a tool for everything on the battlefield but I don't know what it is. Thanks! P.S. - I tried the links on tactics in the newbies post above but they aren't working.

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The mortar crew shouldn't go anywhere near the edge of the clearing. Get an officer close enough to the edge that he can see to a spot near the machine gun, then have him spot indirect area fire for the mortar, which is far enough back that it doesn't get exposed. With any luck the footprint of the shellfall pattern will overlap the machinegun's position. Make sure the officer approaches the spot from which he acts as a spotter as discreetly and stealthily as possible, and from outside the machinegun's line of sight.

If that doesn't work, just remember that you're supposed to go around obstacles, not rush them head on.

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Originally posted by Der Kunstler:

What do you guys do in situations like this?

Off map artillery, within command of an officer who has a LOS is what comes to mind first.(where there is a MG there are squads and a commander to support them.)

Another idea would be to place your mortar unit in a position where it has a LOS in front of the Russian unit but NOT a LOS to the unit and then drop smoke.

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