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Tiger Tiger

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What did the German commanders actually do tactically when the Tiger's were first introduced?

Having just played Tiger Tiger, I am curious as to what the German commanders actually did when they first started to use the Tigers? I deployed them as fire support, using the Panzer III's and the infantry to assault the victory locations and whilst I scored a total victory I think a significant part was played by the defence being controlled by the AI! Just to see the scenario from the other side I also played as the Russians and scored a draw. I've just started to play these scenarios to understand the game mechanics and some of the relative strengths of the forces - it is strange how the T34 seems stronger as an enemy tank and weaker when it is friendly! :)

Generally I enjoyed playing Tiger Tiger, my only real disappointment in this scenario came from seeing the German tanks still in grey, after having applied MikeyD's Panzer III mods and only realising afterwards that this scenario is in 1942 and these mods are for 1943.

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The scenario briefing mentions that intitially some of the Tigers had mechanical problems which caused them to break down on the battlefield. I do recall reading about instances where early Tigers, when functioning properly, could withstand a very large volume of AT fire, especially at range.

I think the key to remember here though is the effectiveness of the 88mm gun rather than any particular defficiencies of the T-34. The reason it is considered by many to be the "best" tank of the war is not because it could outclass any other tank on the battlefield, but because it was by far the most capable tank produced in very large numbers. Although a slew of T-34s was unable to defeat 4 Tigers in this particular scenario, their combat effectiveness in less extraordinary conditions would be much greater than the 4 Tigers alone.

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