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Hit and run

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Hi all,

I have searched with various phrases but can't seem to be able to find an answer to this:

Is it possible to order a squad or other unit to shoot at an enemy unit once and then move to somewhere else.

As an example: your bazooka team has a good shot at an enemy tank but will, of course, come under fire once their position is revealed. Can you order them to take the shot and move away? (Or take the shot and run away if they're French).


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You can achieve this only by good timing. You must know which command time delay the unit has, and how long it takes for the unit to shoot once (twice,...). But it is a gamble, moving e.g. your Bazooka after it has shot at the tank, because it attracts every enemy unit. Sneaking (=low profile) deeper into woods or buildings might help. Be sure to position your shooting unit at the very edge of the enemiesĀ“ line of sight, so that is has only a short distance to move.

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When you sneak also order your Bazooka team to then hide, that way they should quickly become a lost target, generic star maker which doesn't attract fire, hopefully! Timing is the key, as Lucho said, since there is no shoot and scoot equivalent ambush order, its all up to you to manage with the commond delay and the pause to follow order feature.

PS: Hey what's with slighting the French gavlong, they have nearly always stood and fought it out, AFAIK.

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Thanks for the tips, guys.

I see that as in most war situations timing is everything. I will have to run some tests in edit mode to get my timing down.

Nothing against the French by the way, just a bit of humour; but we Irish usually get very rude treatment from them because they think we are English. Tell them you are Irish and they change completely.

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