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I'm looking for reference material naming the regimental commanders at the start of OP Fall Weiss.

Hopefully, there is a book out there detailing who had command of all of the german regiments through out the war.

Thank you all for the help. If anyone is following here is another one I found.

20th Div. 76th Motorized Infantry Regiment – Col. Gollnik

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Ouh that will be a hard one. I start this topic at polish WW2 forum here http://www.dws.org.pl/viewtopic.php?p=240030#240030 and I got some answers. There is little but "is". This is in Polish so I try (as good as i can) to translate:

1 Mountain Diwision :

- 98 Mountain Reigiment - oberst (colonel) Schorner (later he became feldmarschal)

- 99 Mountain Regiment - Oberst (colonel) Kress

- 100 Mountain Regiment - Oberst (colonel) Utz

29 Mechanized Division :

- 15 Motorized Infantry Regiment - Oberst von Goedel

- 71 Motorized Infantry Regiment - ???

28 Infantry Division :

- 49 Infantry Regiment - oberst von Altrock

- 83 Infantry Regiment - oberst Rotkirch

3 Leichte Division :

- 9 Cavalry Regiment - oberst von Ditfurth (KIA during night 8/9 september 1939 at village Pilatka nearby Ilza, when polish forces make they way through german lines to reach Vistula river.

Thats all for now - small but always some. Stay tuned, this isn't so easy to gather info.

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Here some info. Yes I know it is not the regimental organisation but might help you.

The German Panzer forces during Fall Weiß

The total force involved in the attack was 40 infantry divisions (of which 5 were motorized), 11 Panzer divisions (of which 5 were light divisions), 6 mountain divisions and 3 independant brigades. The total number of Panzers in Fall Weiß were

Pz.Kpfw.I: 993

Pz.Kpfw.II: 1,107

Pz.Kpfw.III: 87

Pz.Kpfw.35(t): 112

Pz.Kpfw.38(t): 55

Pz.Kpfw.IV: 192

kl.Bef.Pz.Wg.: 119

Bef.Pz.35(t): 8

Bef.Pz.38(t): 2

Total: 2,675

which meant that of Germany's battle tanks involved in Fall weiß, almost 80 % were obsolete, even when compared to the few tanks Poland had.

German organization

Armeegruppe Nord (Generaloberst Feder von Bock)

10.leichte Division (Generalmajor Schaal)

73.leichte Division (Generalmajor F. von Rabenau)

206.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant H. Höfl)

208.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant M. Andreas)

3.Armee (General der Artillerie Georg von Kuchler)

Eberhard Brigade (Generalmajor Eberhard)

217.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor R. Baltzer)

Korps Brand (Generalleutnant Fritz Brand)

Lotzen Brigade (Generalmajor Offenbacher)

Goldap Brigade (Oberst Notle)

1.Korps (Generalleutnant Walter Petzel)

Panzer-Division Kempf

1.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant J. von Kortzfleisch)

12.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant L. von der Leyen)

19.Korps (Generalleutnant Nikolaus von Falkenhorst)

21.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant H. K. von Both)

228.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor H. Suttner)

4.Armee (General der Artillerie Gunther von Kluge)


218.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor Feldherr W. Grote)

Frontier border guard (General der Flieger Leonhard Kaupisch)

207.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor K. von Tiedermann)

2.Korps (General der Infanterie Erich Straub)

3.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor W. Lichel)

32.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant F. Böhme)

3.Korps (General der Artillerie Curt Haase)

Netze Division (Generalmajor Freiherr von Gablenz)

50.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant K. Sorsche)

19.Korps (General der Panzertruppe Heinz Guderian)

3.Panzer-Division (Generalleutnant Freiherr L Geyr von Schweppenburg)

2.Infanterie-Division (Mot.) (Generalleutnant P.Bader)

20.Infanterie-Division (Mot.) (Generalleutnant M. von Wiktorin)

Armeegruppe Süd (Generaloberst Gerd von Rundstedt)

27.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant F. Bergmann)

62.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor W. Keiner)

68.Infanterie-Division (Oberst G. Braun)

213.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor R. de L'Homme de Courbiere

221.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant J. Pflugbeil)

239.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor F. Neuling)

8.Armee (General der Infanterie Johannes Blaskowitz)

10.Korps (General der Artillerie Wilhelm Ulex)

24.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant F. Olbricht)

30.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor K. von Briesen)

13.Korps (General der Kavallerie Freiherr Maximillian Weichs)

10.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant C. von Cochenhausen)

17.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor H. Loch)

10.Armee (General der Infanterie Johannes Blaskowitz)

4.Korps (General der Infanterie Viktor von Schwedler)

4.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor E. Hansen)

46.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor P. von Hase)

11.Korps (General der Artillerie Emil Leeb)

18.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor F. K. Cranz)

19.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant G. Schwantes)

14.Korps (General der Infanterie Gustav von Wietersheim)

1.leichte Division (Generalmajor F. W. von Löper)

13.Infanterie-Division (Mot.) (Generalleutnant M. von Faber du Faur)

29.Infanterie-Division (Mot.) (Generalleutnant J. Lemelsen)

15.Korps (General der Infanterie Hermann Hoth)

2.leichte Division (Generalleutnant G. Stumme)

3.leichte Division (Generalmajor A. Kuntzen)

16.Korps (General der Kavallerie Erich Höpner)

1.Panzer-Division (Generalleutnant R. Schmidt)

4.Panzer-Division (Generalleutnant G. H. Reinhardt)

14.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant P. Weyer)

31.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant P. Kämpfe)

14.Armee (Generaloberst Wilhelm List)

8.Korps (General der Infanterie Ernst Busch)

5.Panzer-Division (Generalleutnant H. von Vietinghoff)

8.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant R. Koch-Erpach)

28.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant H. Obstfelder)

17.Korps (General der Infanterie Werner Kienitz)

7.Infanterie-Division (Generalmajor E. Ott)

44.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant A. Schubert)

45.Infanterie-Division (Generalleutnant F. Materna)

18.Korps (General der Infanterie Baier)

2.Panzer-Division (Generalleutnant R. Veiel)

4.leichte Division (Generalmajor A. Hubicki)

3.Gebirgsdivision (Generalmajor E. Dietl)

22.Korps (General der Kavallerie Ewald von Kleist)

1.Gebirgsdivision (Generalmajor L. Kubler)

2.Gebirgsdivision (Generalleutnant V. Fuerstein)

Slovakian Armeegruppe Bernolak

1.Janosik Division (Colonel A. Pulanich)

2.Skultety Division (General A. Cunderlik)

3.Razus Division (Liutenant General A. Malar)

Mobile Group Kalinciak (Liutenant General J. Imro)

more regimental info here : www.answers.com/topic/german-order-of-battle-for-operation-fall-weiss


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28 Infantry Division

7 regiment - oberst Boysen

49 regiment - oberst Friedrich von Rothkirch und Panten

83 regiment - oberst Wilhelm von Altrock

8 Infantry Division

28 regiment - oberst Höhne

38 regiment - oberst Hesse

84 regiment - oberst Stoewer

Oberst (German) - Colonel (USA) - Pulkownik (Polish)

This page has some info too http://www.lexikon-der-we.../Infanterie.htm

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