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Play balance problem

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I know I should post this in the Tech forum, but I don't get any response there. I have the following problem. I choose one of the huge scenarios, play as Germans, put the play balance for the Russians on 200%. Now this usually works, but sometimes the games simply freezes right after selecting 200%. When I select 200% for my own side (the Germans) I never have this problem. I know my system can handle this (it did so many times before), but from time to time I get this strange problem. Does anybody recognize this and even more important, is there an explanation/solution?

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Guest PondScum

There's an upper limit on the maximum number of units allowed in the game. If you take a huge scenario that's already nearing this limit, and then triple the units on one side, you could well be in trouble...

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Soviet units are usually cheaper, so tripling the number gives a greater final number than it would for the uber-priced Germans.

Plus, you are also giving masses more units to the AI, who tends to go *urrk!* at this tidal wave of units to command (for me, certainly, the fewer units the AI controls the quicker the turn processes.

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Wow, I've never heard of reaching the max units before (probably because I'm too timid to try on my machine).

If you were on a mac I'd suggest you check the game's allocated memory (in the info box, command-I). I'd up the minimum allocated memory at least. I had a couple unexpected crashes and it turned out to be memory management issues. Easily fixed.

Is there a PC equivalent to increasing the application's allocated memory on the mac?

[ June 09, 2003, 02:54 PM: Message edited by: MikeyD ]

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Originally posted by redwolf:

It is probably the max number of units problem.

It used to be 255, but it might be more now.

It is also not really clear to me whether a squad counts as two units (because it can potentionally be split).

System specs play no role for that.

Yes, there is a hard limit cutoff for number of units. It's more than 255 for CMBB, but I have no clue what it is now. Ask Rune, he knows stuff like that as he's maxing out in every second scenario he makes ;)


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