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What are "Shocked" vehicles Unable to do?

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I have a shocked half-tracks in a pbem game currently that could cause a serious traffic jam on a bridge. It has stopped moving, will it start moving again next turn or should I reverse the units jammed up behind it and go around?

I am aware of the following limitation for shocked Half Tracks

-can't fire machine guns

-embarking infantry don't always embark

What else am I missing? Sorry I don't a game manual to refer to.


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Shocked vehicles can no longer use their cup holders, and the in-tank movie is shown 30 mins after landing…wait, no—that’s aircraft.

Okay, shocked vehicles instantly morph into level six Spartans with shoulder mounted sidewinder missiles, miniguns on their arms, and frickin laser beams attached to their heads…damnit—that’s not right either, that’s what happens to infantry.

Wait, I got it. Shocked vehicles…

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Guess I'd respond similarly to the same question.

Ordered my replacement manual @ $3.00 + shipping, which seems like a fair price.

Grognard (Fr. "grumbler" from Fr. "grogner" 1. snarl 2. grunt 3. growl 4. grumble [râler] 5. gripe [râler] and Fr. "grognon" 1. grouch 2. curmudgeon)

Sounds about right I suppose.

Thanks guys and happy gaming! ( or grumbling )

[ September 28, 2007, 11:23 AM: Message edited by: GDog ]

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