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Italian Uniform MOD *Released*

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Available for download now!

This mod corrects a few minor inaccuracies in the originals, and offers optional textures for MVSN/Black Shirt Legion and Bersaglieri. Additionally, helmets have unit insignia (plain versions are also offered), except for the Mechanized/Cavalry units because I couldn't find any references for them.

No, there aren't any feathers on the Alpini and Bersaglieri helmets because the distortion of the helmet model made including them nearly impossible. Also, the MVSN guys should probably have daggers, but they don't .

On another note--this mod was almost entirely scratch-built, except for the helmet insignia and the Eastern Front badge worn by the officers. Other than those, I painted all elements, including ammo pouches, holsters, etc., by hand in Photoshop just to see if I could pull it off. I think they look pretty good. I guess all those college painting and drawing classes paid off.

How about some pix?







Mech. Coy HQ






Bersaglieri Platoon HQ


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I'd appreciate it.

I know I didn't add any drooling art-worship comments to my last post, but quite frankly, your work kind of transcends that. It's pretty much expected your stuff will be jaw-dropping in appearance, fidelity to detail, etc. So forgive me for leaving it out; I'm sure many others will be along to add their voices to the existing chorus....

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