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Panzerfaust questions

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Does the AI assume that every unit carrying a panzerfaust is ready, willing, and able to use it if attacking a tank?

Is there a delay integrated into firing a 'faust, abstracting the possibility that a unit carrying one is taking a moment to find a good firing position, minimize backblast risks, etc?

Is it possible to inflict casualties on the firing unit, representing individuals who didn't clear the backblast zone?

I've seen one ignite a building, I haven't seen it cause casualties, and I've not noticed a delay between the time troops find a target fire a 'faust.

Thanks for your help.


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"every unit carrying a panzerfaust is ready, willing, and able to use it"

No, they need to be unsuppressed. And they are more likely to use them out to the limit of range if they have several. A unit with one short range faust may hold fire until quite close. Given enough time and a target continually approaching, they will eventually fire one. But that doesn't govern these engagements. Typically the issue is are they spotted and if so fired on and suppressed, or not. If they aren't, they will generally get off a shot of a tank is in range. Often they are, take fire, and fail to get one off.

"Is it possible to inflict casualties on the firing unit"

No. It wouldn't be realistic, either. Men aren't piled on top of each other in combat. Firing inside a building can suppress, that is all backblast is going to to.

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Panzerfaust page

Had this to say about the Panzerfaust:

Despite the seemingly easy usage and the fact that simple usage instructions were printed onto each weapon, many accidents happened because of wrong handling of often ill-trained personnel, sometimes also because of material defects of the weapons themselves.


Caution was to be paid to the back-blast of the weapon, it created an explosion blast of two to three meters ( 6.5 - 10 ft.) behind the tube. Therefore on many Panzerfausts, especially the early Panzerfaust 30 m, a warning in large red letters printed on the upper rear part of the tube advised to stay clear: Achtung! Feuerstrahl! ("Beware ! Fire Jet !...


the back-blast wasn't only dangerous to bystanders: the rear of the firing soldier had to be free of obstacles for at least 3 m (10 ft.), otherwise heavy burns on the back of the firing soldier would result. Officially the rear of the gunner had to be free for 10m for safety reasons and the back-blast was reported as lethal to a range of 3m behind the tube. Mostly the fiery back-blast, but also the atmospheric pressure and the relative hazardousness of the blast's smoke put heavy restrictions on indoor use...

Panzerschreck page

Has this to say about the panzerschreck:

The backblast of the Panzerschreck was even more dangerous than that of the Panzerfaust.

Not exactly conclusive, but one only has to throw in the confusion of battle, and...


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I find that units with panzerfausts are TOO MUCH ready willing and able to use them, for my purposes.

If I have a squad with a panzerfaust 60 or 100, I usually give them a covered arc of roughly half the range of the weapon, when an enemy vehicle approaches. beyond this range the weapon is too likely to miss, as far as I'm concerned.

Regardless of how many panzerfausts your squad has, you can often only count on ONE decent unsuppressed opportunity to fire, and you want to make it count.

I hate seeing my men "take initiative" and miss wildly at maximum range. It makes the enemy armor very angry.

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