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Arent there any operations where the Soviets are defenders in 1941?

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In the game i Cant find any operations where the Soviets are defending in 1941 only when they are attacking

Anyone know of a operation where the axis attack and the Soviets defend prefably in 1941 and before winter

Also How do Iinstall from the bonus CD all the extra stuff like more clothing and more diffrent looks on tanks and stuff?

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Well I did but it dosent :(

And Idont know about best I would like to have seen like a campagin where you fit as the Axis or Soviets for a long series of battles from the begining to the end

But it is a great simulator :D

I need more help with getting the stuff from the bonus cd into the game I have installed everything but on the instructions when you click on the diffrent tabs in CM mod option selecter i Have some pictures but i am not certain I ahve everything there is how do I amke certain?

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If you have installed CMMOS correctly, take a look inside the GEM Productions/CMMOS folder. There should be several readme files and a tutorial on using it. The tutorial is very helpful for first time users, but has to be read in tandem with the readme files, several times, and very slowly.

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Santosdiablo, I can highly

recommend the Op "Ghosts Of

Napoleon"...10 battles, each 20+,

July '41, the 18th Panzer Div

tries to cross the Berezina...

As the defending Soviets, you get

the full range of tin cans - BT-2's,

T-38 tankettes etc - plus a few


Best as PBEM...

If you want it sent, drop me an email

[address in profile]

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