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New Scenario - Operation Mars

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Just posted my first "real" scenario at The Proving Grounds.

http://www.the-proving-grounds.com/scenarios/Belyi Road2.cme

Upload seemed to work OK. The general briefing is pasted below....hope you enjoy it! As this is my first real attempt at a semi-historical scenario, I would value any feedback! (This has also been submitted to the Depot but not hosted yet...)

Title: Belyi Road

Type: Allied Assault

Date: November 27, 1942

Location: Rshev salient, west of Moscow

Region: Central

Size: Large

Weather: Snowing

Terrain: Hilly, forests, frozen river, deep snow

Wind: Still

Turns: 45+

Best Played As: Human vs Human

2nd Best: Allies vs AI

Computer Should: Stick to Scenario Default.

Author: Matt Tarlach "SFJaykey"

Background: In late 1942 the German Ninth Army occupied the Rshev salient, a 150km square expanse of swamps and hilly forests protruding northwards from their main line, only 200km from Moscow. Marshal Zhukov, at this time Russian commander on the Moscow axis, saw the salient as both a threat to Moscow, and as an opportunity to cut off and destroy Ninth Army. He waited until late November, when the rivers and swamps of the Rshev salient had frozen, and struck with the full force of six Soviet armies and over 3000 tanks.

The key to the western side of the salient was the town of Belyi, where the Germans had built strong fortifications and quartered several regiments for the Winter. Early on the 25th of November, following a massive artillery barrage, Soviet troops overran the German lines south of Belyi. The next day, the 1st Soviet Mechanized Corps drove into the breach, battling through the snow-choked forests in an attempt to sever the single graded road that linked Belyi to the German rear...

[Designer's notes: My main source for this scenario is the article "Counterpoint to Stalingrad" by David Glanz. The map is based on line maps in Glanz' article, and on verbal descriptions of the terrain and conditions. Units identified in the scenario were active in the area on this date, though I don't claim true historicity of the force mix.]

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