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Der Kuenstler,

The way buildings work in CMBB and CMAK are as follows.

3 X Shacks

8 X Small Buildings (4 light & 4 Heavy)

3 X Medium Buildings (multi story all light)

3 X Heavy Buildings (all heavy)

1 X Church (heavy)

(CMBB has a Factory)

When I look at the Small buildings in CMBB and CMAK there doesn't seem to be any way to distinguish between the lights and heavies by appearance only. However in Ed Kinney's ETO/CMBB Late War small buildings the light ones are plaster buildings and the heavies are brick/block construction.

It kinda looks like you could rearrange and renumber the non-brick and brick buildings in CMBB to distinguish which are which (light buildings are bmp's 6012 to 6023 and heavies are bmp's 6027 to 6038 for undamaged buildings).

Let's see, where does that leave us? Ah yes the answer to your questions: No. ...and... You could mark the heavy building walls with a great big "H", marking the roofs won't help.

I think your best bet would be use your line of sight command to determine which is which.

Hope that helps.


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