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routing enemy infantry

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I was wondering how you guys rout or break enemy infantry with as little points as possible.

Let's say there is an enemy russian veteran rifle platoon in woods 200m width and 100m deep.

You have one platoon of rifle infantry at your disposal and 120points or less to spend on support weapons or another platoon. What would you buy?

Let's also say that there is no cover within 300m of that enemy occupied woods and that the open ground is covered by 2 enemy MG's.

Choices for the 120points extra might be:

1) SMG platoon, the rifle platoon has to find and suppress the enemy so the SMG platoon can close in and finish it. Problem here is that there are 2MG's covering the approach

2) 3 75mm inf guns, problem is possible enemy mortar fire. Their ammo though is enough to route the entire platoon

3) 3 82mm mortars, advantage is that you can hide them behind a hill and use the HQ to spot for them. The combined effect of them is enought to rout at least 2 or 3 squads. Problem is they have to come close within 300m otherwise there is too much scatter. Another problem is their ammo. Only 24 HE.

4) Of course the 150mm inf gun, but this one is quite vulnerable to mortar fire and needs a vehicle to tow it.

5)Buy 105mm arty, but the problem is that the platoon might be spread out too much so you only suppress half of it.

So what would you do?

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With 120pts to blow I'd go with #4. Mortar fire be damned, it won't just route the infantry but completely decimate them. Also, for 120pts you could probably get a vet / crack 150mm, but I'm not sure of the points total. It's a gamble the proceeding turns, but it will work the turn you do use it.

If you HAVE to tow it then it's probably not a great idea. So #4 and #2 are risky since you have to tow them and they can easily get intercepted. #1 wouldn't be effective, you'd get hit by something assaulting. #3 and #5 are fair choices but might not work like you'd want. #5 would have more effect than the three 82mm mortars in my opinion. If you're trying to cross that 300m gap, you'd have to hit both machine guns and the platoon. Three 82mm mortars could only hit three potential targets. 105mm could hit everyone! It really depends on how spread out they are. There are a lot of factors.

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3 82mm mortars work very well against point targets and if the defenders reveal themselves you can route them one by one with the combined effect of the three mortars on one of them during one turn. But probably there is not enough ammo for the whole platoon.

The 105mm can only pin or break part of the platoon if the spread in the width due to the arty target pattern which is I think 120m long and 80m wide? Also you have to follow up quite quickly which is difficult under mg fire.

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There are alot of factors but how about buying a 150mm Inf gun and a 251 to tow it? Even if you can't afford both as regulars, you have tons of ammo with the Inf Gun so even a greens gonna hit eventually, and a green 251 should have no worries chasing down routed inf under mg fire if buttoned up. Depending on the distance, the only fire the Inf Gun may need to worry about from the russian inf may be mortar fire. And if you have to cross the gap, the Inf Gun does have smoke rounds also. Hey why not load up a squad of inf onto the 251 and advance on the forest while the Inf Gun lays down smoke and/or cover fire? Just a thought. I'm a huge fan of the 150mm Inf Gun and use them in almost every battle (with a 251 towing and a MG42 escourt along for the ride).

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You are on the right track here.

I would try for a couple Hvy MG's or MG carriers such as half tracks, or AC's and a mortar or two. These are for suppression only.

If you can gather another platoon especially an SMG platoon. try to assault only a portion of the space. Use the MG's and mortar to suppress the MG's in particular and the platoon.

Use the first platoon to lead in and the SMG platoon for the assault force. If you can manage to pickup the armored halftracks, it can help transport and use the organic MG's to help suppress.

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