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total withdrawals

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often during scenarios mortars and FOs run out of ammo, tanks get made worthless (gun damage) and tanks crews bail. is it better to send these units with zero combat effectivness off map, or should i just find a nice secluded little corner and hide them in it? does exiting troops off map cause morale to go down? i haven't noticed any kind of morale detriment but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

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yeh, my gunless tanks usually get enlisted for halftrack duties to shuttle infantry around, plus as a mobile MG nest. Empty mortars are moved to a secluded hideout. Crews are a bit tougher. I, like most guys, consider attacking with them to be gamey. Having them hideout to spot is OK, but they don't spot well. On the defense they can delay the enemy by popping up with their trusty pistols and pin a squad if they're lucky. I don't consider them defending to be gamey, since what choice would they have. Even in RL they bailout, find a place to hide, and may eventually have to defend themselves.

Interesting point by Andrew Kulin on global moral effects by drawing down the total force. Should be easy to confirm with an experiment. I'll check it out.

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