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I just assembled a new box. My old box has CMBO and CMMOS installed (not the latest version), but I held off on the CMBB install as I've been playing the latter on my laptop.

I want to move the CMMOS files and mods from the old machine to the new one, and in the end have the latest version of CMMOS with both games installed. I'd appreciate any advice regarding procedures & potential problems.

Thanks for your help.

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The very simple solution:

Use the old HDD in the new computer. Thus no need to transfer anything.

Almost as simple:

Use the old HDD as "slave" in the new box.

Gruesome slow process:

Zip your entire mod directories into an archive made up of 1.38MB chunks, and then use floppy disks to transfer it all onto your new drive.



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You should be able to plug your old HDD to your new computer, and then copy everything from that to your new HDD.

You might have to change some the jumpers on the old drive to make it a slave, I can only refer you to your manual on that one. Or try every option, one at a time, it'll work, eventually :D

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Thanks for the responses, folks.

There's a couple of reasons I want to play the CMxx games using the new HDD but I wont bother you with the details.

Gordon suggested to me that I install CMMOS 4.02 on the new drive, then copy/move the files from the old PC, then upgrade to 4.03.



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