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The other night I played as the soviets against the computer. I had one T-34 and had already destroyed 5 small German tanks. There was one remaining, hiding behind a small house. While all I had to do was to watch over the house and wait the tank out (I was defending), I made the mistake of blasting the house. The problem was, that was my last round of ammo! Well, the hiding tank, immediately came out and began firing on my infantry, without regard to my T-34. My question is.. how did he no that I was out of ammo? If he was indeed hiding? btw - I only managed a draw.

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Could be several reasons. The tank crew was elite and realized you were out of ammo. Or they could have decided to get out of their position to prevent a flanking shot.

But then again can the computer fool itself? Unless programmed to do so. I like to treat it as the chaos of war.

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