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About sounds : question to CMBB designers : )

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Hi all !

Just a bit curious at how the BFC design team realise all the sounds in such a game like CMBB (or CMBO).

Do they dispose of a kind of "sound library" for ambient sounds ?

How did they record some small weapons sound ?

Vehicles. Did they realised some "records" at some museums ?

Voices. How many "artists" participated at the recording session ?

And so on... :D

Is anybody kind enough to explain it me, as a kind of "making-of" ? smile.gif

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Originally posted by zukkov:

it's simple. they invented a time machine, went back to ww2 and recorded sounds from several battles. that's also how they got their stats for all the units as well. sorry if i gave away your secret bfc...


It is a very VERY very dangerous task ! I'm sure there was not so many BFC volunteers for the "158 mm rocket launcher shelling impact" or the "85 mm gun ricochet noise" recording session... tongue.gif

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