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Couple Of Winter KV Mods Posted

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They're nothing special, but a new and different look for now anyway.

I did a version of the KV-1 Model-39 and the KV-1S and 8S-Flame, the 1S & 8S use the same hardcoded tank.

They're made from BFC's original artwork.

I did have a different road gear that I made from a 3d model off the net, but I don't think I should post these to the public.

So for now I've posted these versions with MikeyD's KV-85 summer road gear, recolored for a winter look.


I was going to wait and post all them at the same time, but I run into some strange stuff with the other models.

The Model-40 shares several turret bmps with the 1E model, while almost everything else is shared with the Model-41 other then 2 unique bmps, that the 1E has of it's own.

The Model-41 and 8-Flame uses the same hardcoded tank.

I'm going to try to do them with as much of a different look between them as possible, but it doesn't look to good in that regard.

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Well as I stated many times I hope some of you guys find some of this stuff useful.

Here is a pic of the road gear I made from a 3d model from the net, I did post a pic in another earlier thread of the KV-1S with this road gear also, actually this road gear is for the newer KV tanks but I figured what the hell.


After some thought I didn't think it would be a good idea to make this public, maybe I'll try and get permission to post it.

Though the way things are someone should give last rights here, this community is as dead as a door nail.

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