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Size of maps

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I was just wondering what people thought was the right kind of point number on different size maps. I usually only play QBs on Small (I mostly play Scenarios), and I usually give into playing between 1000 and 1500 point battles, but I want to try certain things as primers...

What parameters should I have for Infantry only engagements and Armour only engagements - from batallion level all the way down to platoon. How many trees, how steep the terrain etc. makes for good maps?

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I almost never play on randomly generated maps, especially when there are are so many good handmade QB maps available for download. On these I usually think in terms of frontage vs. unit size.

For instance, in a normal WW2 frontline you might see one supported infantry battalion (1000+ points) assigned to about 1km of frontage against the enemy. So a map 2km wide would probably call for a 2000-3000 point game unless you're imagining a mere probe. Of course, depth matters too, especially with armor-centered games.

It all depends on theater and period of the war, as well. CMAK desert fights will involve fewer units and larger maps than mid-war CMBB slugfests.

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Keep in mind the terrain conditions, and what effect it will have on a unit's movement. I recently played a random CMBB QB against the AI, and the terrain the computer chose was deep snow on a medium sized map. I waited 30 turns without seeing an enemy unit. At game's end I viewed the map, and there was well over a battalion of Guards infantry, almost all of which were tired / weary / exhausted, struggling to make it to my positions. I think only two units had made it past the halfway point on the map.

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