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Hi all,

I´ve been toying with the following settings :

oct 42, axis assault, 5000 points, axis armor only,allies unrestricted 1500 points,rarity is off, map is Wassilyevka Ax As from Biltongs excellent map pack.

As the allied side I´ve bought ten trenches, ten ZIS-2 atg, ten F-22 guns, six tankhunters and ten antitankmines .

Deploying my guns inside the trenches and building blocks, consisting two F-22 or two ZIS-2 in one trench, leaving me with five F-22 trenches and five ZIS-2 trenches.

Placed all trenches in woods and slopes , guns hiding.The F-22 elements go near the german positions, the ZIS-2 stay behind. The tankhunterteams were deployed at six points of opportunity.

German side gets 8700 points with this setting, so facing sixty to eighty tanks is possible.

I´ve thought that against such overwhelming odds my guns would last four turns or so, but not so.

After fifteen turns I´ve lost all but two guns, but the germans lost fourtyseven tanks ...


That was against the AI though, which is not too clever on the attack. Against a friend the scores are up in the air as we are still playing.

Looking good so far, lost only three guns until now, against seventeen tanks ...


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Originally posted by Andreas:

Now replace all the Zis-2 with 45mm guns, on platoon of Zis-3 with ATRs, and then come back to tell us what the result is. ;)


Yeah, I know I´m a gamey bastiche ...

But its against my oldest, dearest friend, we play together since schooldays.

And he is a big fan of the Tiger, thinking nothing can stop that kitten.

I´ll prove him ... :D

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