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Can anyone tell me how can I destroy mines?

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When I am the attacker and the defender has planted mines all over his perimetre,what can I do in order to destroy them and pass over them?

I am asking this cause I've seen on my games against the comp,that after infantry has reach them and isn't pressed by my forces,the mines shortly after disappear.

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Any unit with satchel charges (Pioniers usually) can remove mines. Just bring them up to about 20m from the mines and wait.

Soon a charge will be tossed and bye bye mines. Note that Daisy Chain mines can be cleared with out charges but still need to be done by the Pioniers.

Hope this helps

Cpl Carrot

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Engineers and Pioneers can clear them most effectively with demolition charges, the distance can be up to 25m.

They either do this automatically or you can target a specific mine field like it is an enemy unit.

It is also possible to clear mine fields by shellfire altough I never tried that, but it might be usefull when you're out of charges and some mines are a show stopper smile.gif


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The best way to answer these questions is just to design a very simple scenario. Sometime when you have nothing better to do, set up a simple scenario with some engineers(pioneers), some arty observers of different types, and mines. Then run through it.

You'll find that when moving forward (say with move or contact orders) the infantry units will generally discover the mine field before they hit it, though they will only stop if on contact orders. If they are running, advancing, etc they probably will not spot them prior to running in to them. Thats for AP mines. AT mines are much larger and were generally simply laid on top of the ground (obstacles of this type serve as a detterent to movement thru a certain area rather then to kill tanks). So they are much easier to spot and wont harm your infantry if they walk or run through them.

Spotting of mines by tanks, of course is much more difficult, particularly if they are buttoned up. Thats why its a good tactic to have your mine fields covered by indirect fire. That way you can call in fire, causing the enemy tanks to button up just prior to them hitting the field.

Mines of all types CAN be destroyed by arty fires though they have to be concentrated and of sufficient caliber (usually 150+). Otherwise you have to move pioneers up close and have them do it by hand or with satchel charges. This takes time however, usually 2-3 turns with a full squad, longer if the squad is under fire or has taken casualties.

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I am really not sure whether the CM engine makes the distinction between a "hasty" minefield, one that is laid quickly to block movement or channel an attacker, or a "prepared" minefield. A prepared field would consist of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines in conjunction with a coordinated defensive position. These mines would usually be buried and possibly boobytrapped as well, and obviously covered by fire. A hasty minefield might just consist of mines scattered on the surface of a road or likely approach area, and not buried or otherwise concealed. Does anyone know if CM does make this distinction?

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