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Anyone ever have problems playing CMBB over email?

More specifically this has happened twice. My opponent emails me his move, I load the .txt file, input my password, watch the move on the VCR player, and hit done.

Generally, I would get a chance to move my troops and hit go which promted me to save the game and email it to my opponent.

PROBLEM IS - When I watch my opponents move and hit done, the computer automatically prompts me to email without getting a chance to move my troops.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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Originally posted by Paddington:

Thats normal, you can only move your troops at certain turns... Once in two turns if I remember correct.

Sorry- you are wrong. During a PBEM, a player can issue orders every turn, and review every movie. Otherwise, PBEMs would not be very much fun if I knew that I could only issue orders every other turn.

I would recommend that Buck Yaldy and his opponent review the text in the CMBB manual regarding PBEM file transfers.

In summary, the PBEM process works like:

1) Player1 issues orders, sends file to Player2.

2) Player2 issues orders, and hits 'GO' button.

3) Player2 is prompted to return file to Player1.

4) Player1 watches movie; however Player2 still needs to see movie.

5) Player1 returns file to Player2.

6) Player2 watches movie.

At which point the turn (Turn 1) is completed and the movie has been reviewed by both players. Now, it is time for the next turn (Turn 2).

7) Player2 issues orders for next turn and sends file to Player1.

8) Player1 issues orders, and hits 'GO' button.

9) Player1 is prompted to e-mail file to Player2

10) Player2 watches movie, and returns file to Player1.

11) Player1 watches movie.

Now, you start the cycle all over again at step 1 (and with Turn 3).

If you are still having problems, feel free to contact me and we can walk through a PBEM scenario turn by turn.

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Buck Yaldy-

One more thing. I noticed from your profile that you are in the Washington, DC area. If you are looking for more tips from some serious CM players, check out the General Discussion Forum. There is going to be a DC Group get-together this upcoming Thursday (February 12th) at Regional Food and Drink (RFD).

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Originally posted by Buck Yaldy:

Dear Zitadelle,

I might stop by and check this out at the Wash. DC RFD. What time do they meet?

I take it that you are fairly new to the CM world. If so, welcome aboard, and be ready to sacrifice the rest of your life. You will be "asCMilated".

As documented in the thread, I believe folks are starting to meet at 6pm; although people will probably be coming and going throughout the evening. I will probably be showing up that time (but fashionably late...).

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