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New appreciation for CMBB...

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Things have been slow at the office, so I loaded CMBO on my office Mac. It was the first time I'd played CMBO in a long time, and the first time I've seen the un-modded version in years! Gosh, it seems so primitive now :eek: smile.gif

It gave me a great appreciation for how far CM has come. It really made me notice all the tweaks and tender loving care that went into CMBB. When I first got CMBB I guess I was so engrossed in the gameplay that I didn't appreciate all the little stuff, such as the ammo bar (instead of just numbers), not having to press the shift button to move the camera side-to-side, improved muzzle flash graphics, etc.

And the gameplay is so much different in CMBO, marathon runner infantry that never tire, simpler commands, a much faster pace... It took me a while to get used to CMBB, but now it's hard to go back...

It made for a very pleasant stroll down memory lane... :cool:

By the way, I love the fact that CMBO effortlessly adjusted to the wider aspect ratio of the iMac screen, something brand new games designed for OS X can't do... ;)

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Well, I agree that this game is so much better that I will never go back to my old friend CMBO. It was a big part of my life for over 3 years, day in and day out but since recently buying this one there is just no way I could bring myself to going back. I think fondly of it from time to time but it is just so unrealistic compared to this one that I just can't go back. I just wish it hadn't taken me so long to buy CMBB. BFC knows what they are doing in my opinion. Hat off to those guys. A another outstanding game.

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I bought both games together, and played CMBB first. A couple of days later, I tried CMBO, and I must agree, that CMBB is a huge improvement. I do, however, play CMBO occaisonally, mainly for specific battles. For QB's and just for fun, I much prefer CMBB. I mainly have a problem with the lack of movement modes in CMBO. I haven't really been playing long enough to have noticed the other problems people bring up. Any word on a demo release for CMAK? I am making my way through the thread, but it is pretty long.

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I can appreciate CMBB a lot more now. I remember denouncing it when it first came out, saying that it took the fun out of the game. I have a different opinion now and really like the changes that were made in regards to suppression and things like that.

I do though wish BTS would go back to the old way of scrolling. It's annoying when you want to scroll laterally and have to put the cursor at the very top of the screen to do so. I much prefer to just hold down the SHIFT key.

I also think that there is still a big problem with infantry panicing too early, hitting the ground on a crawl, and becoming exausted too soon. Other than that, I love the game...moreso than CMBO.

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Yeah the main problem I see with CMBB is that it takes everything so long to do like vehicles turning around but that's a small price to pay I guess for everything else being so much improved. I am very anxious however to get CMAK. Now that should be something.

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Although CMBB is a great game I cannot live without CMBO! I cut my teeth on CMBB and then for Christmas my wife ordered CMBO from Battlefront. When I was playing CMBO on Christmas day the first thing I noticed is how the terrain graphics were so much better with CMBB. Then the AFV's looked "pasted" on....I wasn't sure if I like CMBO.....but then I started reading about "modding".... then checking out the sites....learning how to "mod" my game....well..My CMBO looks very nice now and many of the AFV's are better looking then the ones in CMBB!

I love both games....but the modding part is great fun also! :D

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I played CMBO for the first time ever earlier this week and agree - CMBB is the superior game.

CMBO does have my blessing, though, because it is directly responsible for increasing the wargaming community by one. One real newcomer - not an old grog that moved to CM from board games, or other PC games, but an honest to gawd case of new blood into the hobby - my brother.

I've been a gamer my whole life. My younger brother never had any interest, though a history buff I could never coax him into any kind of game. But now that we're both in our 40s, and after, literally, months of psychological warfare**, in late June he ordered... CMBO! :rolleyes: But after just a couple of days with it he was stoked! Hour long phone calls ensued, with him relating stories of exploding Tigers and blazing Shermans. Wild charges and jammed machine guns. All the stuff that tac WWII wargames are made of. And, having ordered the bundle myself but never installed CMBO, I was forced to install it and introduce him to the joy of TCP/IP play. Anyway, I’ve assured him that since he thinks CMBO is so cool, CMBB will put him ballistic, and I believe he ordered it just a couple of days ago.

Whoever keeps score, add another gamer/addict to the population!


** Sample of the emails from me to him.

Feb - 2003

SUBJ: Check it out



I’ve been playing a new game for a while now, and some of the folks who talk about it online are pretty knowledgeable. For some decent WWII history talk, especially tactical stuff, check out the forums at:


I'm Three-Oh-Eight on the discussion boards, though I've not posted more than a handful of posts.



March - 2003

SUBJ: Hey bro


You've got to check out the game itself - Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin. I'm not kidding, it's such a cool game that even *you* would get into it.



March - 2003

SUBJ: In case you've been too lazy to look into it...









Yes, I'm selfish. This game is so cool, and playing against a human is so fun (I just finished my first PBEM game - got beat, but not by much), that I want to get you sucked into it. PBEM (Play By EMail), is as easy as falling off a log. There are zero bugs - I've literally never had the game crash or freeze. It's not a race against time - you can take 10 seconds or 10 hours to complete a turn. A game can be as small as a couple tanks dueling or a platoon trying to take a single building or as large as a regimental attack with Corps artillery and air support. Overall, it's the best game I've played in ages.

So look at it, buy it, and let's play!



April – 2003

SUBJ: Well?

Have you ordered it yet? Don't bother looking for it from other sources - it's only distributed in America by Battlefront.com. Order online, it'll be to you in days.

Look. Read. Get psyched. Buy.



May – 2003

SUBJ: Meeting in Ohio


{snip - non-CM related stuff}


PS. Did you ever get off your ass and check out Combat Mission? Didn't think

so. Wanker.

[ July 20, 2003, 12:59 AM: Message edited by: Three_Oh_Eight ]

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