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cmx2 what will be the fundemental difference?

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BFC has dropped a few hints, but really I don't think even they will know for sure until the code writing is pretty far along. It's possible that some things they hope to do won't work out the way they wanted them to. But then new ideas might fall into place unexpectedly.

A couple things that have been mentioned that I recall off the top of my head. One is that borg spotting will be addressed. Whether this can be completely and satisfactorily dealt with remains to be seen. Artillery and airpower are to be looked at and upgraded.

There will doubtlessly be additional hints dropped over the next two years to keep us salivating in tingly suspense.

Stay tuned.


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Guys, I suspect that it would be easier to say what the fundemental simularities will be instead of the differences smile.gif

Remember that the engine is being written from scratch, so basically everything has the opportunity to change. Nothing will be 'upgraded' as such, as it will all be new.

We have learnt a lot from the CM series thus far and will certainly be using it as a template for the rewrite, but we will be striving to make the game a better simulation of combat and thus many areas will be looked at from new perspectives. Just guessing here, but for instance Id say that calling in artillery may be one of those areas we will wipe the board clean, look at what we have learnt thus far, and see what we can come up with to make it the most accurate simulation seen in a wargame thus far.


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Multiplayer. Please, please, please make it multiplayer!!

I get so excited just thinking about it.

And if you do make it multiplayer, please make sure you can mix and match human and AI players in any combination. For example, if the max players would be eight, you could have 4 humans and an AI vs 1 human and two 2 AIs.

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Some thoughts from the serious to the light hearted.

- Occasional civilians getting in the way (to their utter misfortune)?

- Smaller terrain elements (10m instead of 20m)?

- Ability to print an overhead copy of any map in a format that resembles a military style map? At scales typical of military maps (1:50,000 or 1:25,000)?

- Changing weather? Passing thunderstorms?

- Let the game clock actually advance the time of day, i.e. dawn becomes day over the course of an hour long battle? Or dusk becomes night?

- Stray dogs and farm animals (no, not those explosive laden unfortunates, just a simple stray)?

- Mechanical breakdowns to hamper your armored attacks? Ah, the frustration...

- Rubbled buildings block streets?

- Rework the map design interface to allow easier scrolling?

- Add scroll bars to the equipment/unit selection screen rather than just the page turning buttons currently available?

Spiny Mouse

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Since this has turned into another "I want to see xyz in CM2..." thread, I'll put in my .02 worth.

1. Map Editor - Have Copy/Paste ability for map building. Must be able to rotate, mirror and flip maps. Shouldn't be too hard and would make life SO much easier for those trying to convert old AH board games. Also, please allow the editor to see the entire map (from overhead view) without having to go into game mode.

2. Movie player - Need to be able to run the entire battle as one movie. Also should be able to save it in both CM format and .AVI or .MPG format for websposting, AAR, etc.

3. Secnario Picker - Add Date and Location columns to scenario/operation picker. Would be nice to see when the scens are...

4. Unit Info - Need a seperate utility to display each unit's info and model. Would be VERY useful to modders.

5. CM2 Data - The most important thing (from a modding standpoint) would be a list of all the grpahics files and which units they are associated with. Working with the modders upfront would REALLY help the community out.

Tha's my .02 worth of suggestions...


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