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Why oh why don't they do anything?

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I have had this happen twice today - I have a squad sitting in the dark in some cover right next to a buttoned enemy tank (within 10 meters) with a target line on it, a stock of grenades, and in "OK" condition. What do they do? They just sit there for a full minute or longer doing nothing until the tank finally pulls away. Why is this? Is another command needed to get them to throw those grenades?

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Grenades are not anti-tank weapons.

The squad is much better off not using them and staying alive.

If the tank had already seen them then they'd probably use them since they have nothing else, but in this case annonymity is they best defence.

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Depends on the troop quality/nationality.

German troops with grenade bundles will assault quickly, and usually with a positive outcome.

HQ units also lob grenades once-twice a minute.

Regular-Green Soviets can spend sometimes minutes watching at a tank, waiting for a volunteer to rush out and close assault.

In a recent game two enemy light tanks parked in the middle of my Soviet infantry platoon for at least 5 minutes. There were about 10 assault attempts, 4-5 of those hit, but I only achieved to immobilize the tanks when the game ended. This took 5 minutes!

When a tank is immobilized, your chances are boosted, they lob grenades a lot more frequently.

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Think hidden pre armor attack task check. They not only need to be good order and in cover, they need to pass some internal probabilistic check to see if they have the nerve to conduct a close assault. Which is what the "thrown grenades" really signal. An actual grenade wouldn't do diddly. Men have to climb on the thing and shove stuff where it can do something etc.

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