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Scenario designers: Halbe or Korsun?

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I know there are some exceptional scenario designers out there, and maybe I have missed it in my web surfings, but why has no one tackled a Halbe or Korsun pocket exit scenario?

I have heard that designing exit scenarios are hard, and maybe trying to run German troops through a gauntlet may be depressing. But then again, reading Le Tissier's "Slaughter at Halbe," I was thinking to myself that leading a column with 7 to 14 KingTigers and various other vehicles in the night could prove fun. And with "Hell's Gate" as a source, the frantic final breakout from the Korsun pocket should be able to attract designer attention.

Just my thoughts (and a sneaky request for either scenario - I'll be glad to test play them).

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Originally posted by zdenka:

by coincidence i have been fiddling with a halbe map and exit zone scenario for,probably,over a year now.

plays very well against the AI as axis but have yet to test it pbem.

Have you posted it at The Proving Grounds yet? That's the place to go to find some playtesters.

Good luck... sounds good.

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