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Help for a newbie

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Uh oh... I suggest you acquire a friend who has some knowledge on WW2 military trivia. But we can help to some extent.

The smallest infantry unit in CM is the squad, typically a group of 9-12 men, abstracted as three Lego soldiers.

A platoon is composed of 2-4 squads, an a HQ unit. Always keep your squads within the HQ's reach (so you see the red command contact line stretch out to the squads when you select the HQ), so that they react swiftly to your commands, fight more efficiently, and panic less.

A company is composed of 2-4 infantry platoons, and possibly some support units (these weapons maybe lead by a separate platoon / section HQ). Again, a company has its own HQ. This commanding unit can be used to command any squads out of the reach of their dedicated platoon HQ (for example, if that HQ has panicked or has been eliminated).

JasonC and the the picky grog cadre can connect the rest of the dots. :D

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In general...

The squad is the basic level of infantry unit. At full strength it will consist of 9-13 men led by a NCO (non-commisioned officer, a sergeant). Under certain circumstances it can be split into two teams (one lead by a corporal) and then reformed again.

Three or four squads (depending on nationality and infantry type) make up a platoon. The platoon leader (a comissioned officer - a lieutenant - his senior NCO, and a few enlisted men, will make up a separate unit in CM which is the platoon HQ (headquarters). Having the platoon HQ "in command" of his attached squads (as represented by the red command lines you see when you select the HQ or one of the squads) means less delay time for the execution of orders. Also the HQ unit can have bonuses to stealth, combat power, or morale that will apply to his squads when they are "in command".

Teams/crews are 2-6 men that serve a particular heavy weapon like a machinegun, artillery piece, or anti-tank weapon. Often they are grouped into sections or platoons with their own HQ unit.

Three to four platoons make up a company. The company has its own HQ, with more men, lead by a Captain. The company HQ does not have squads dedicated to it, but it can assume command of squads and teams that are out of command of their own platoon HQ. A popular use of the company HQ is to spot for on-map mortars and keep some machinegun teams "in command" to act as a "overwatch" or "base of fire" for a company-scale attack.

Three to four companies make a batallion. And it has its own HQ unit led by a Major. Larger formations don't enter into the scale of CM. There will be more attached heavy weapons teams at the batallion level.

Other than that, there are FOs (forward observers) that call in indirect artillery fire from guns placed off the map, vehicles and tanks, and ground attack aircraft. Armored vehicles can be purchased individually or in platoons (of 3 to 5) with one being the platoon leader/HQ vehicle in a situation analagous to the infantry platoon HQ unit.

Does that help?

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hey i like this new feature, quick reply. well, that's one less button i have to push. lol.. anyway ck, i wish you well with this game. it has a fairly steep learning curve even for gaming vets, much less total military newbies that don't know what a platoon is. by learning curve, i don't mean playing the game. i mean playing it well. like chess, it's easy to play, difficult to master. some of us(and by us i mean me) will never master the tactics well enough to be "good" at it. but like chess, you don't have to be the best to enjoy the game. anyway, don't give up when the computer defeats you. keep playing and you'll get the hang of it. and good hunting!

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