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Flamethrower unit destroying a KV-1

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Yes, definitely possible. Especially if hitting the rear deck of the tank, burning liquid from the FT could leak into the engine or crew compartment, potentially igniting the fuel and/or ammunition.

FTs are very dangerous to tanks in CM if they can get close enough to hit the tank - especially man-portable FTs have a very short range so getting them close enough to a tank to actually cause damage can be tricky.



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Well... things catch on fire. Things explode. I can imagine it happening, though peraps not in the immediate CMBB "BOOM" explosion way. I rather imagine rounds eventually cooking-off in a tank that's been burning for awhile.

If you were to ask about German tanks going 'boom' from a flame-trower hit I'd judge that to be a bit more likely, simply because of the tank's use of volatile gasoline instead of Russian diesel oil.

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I just witnessed / inflicted my first tank kill with a FlameThrower team (axis).

Krept up a steep hill under the LOS of a T-60 Light Tank on an urban map, hit it with one burst of the flame thrower and KA-BLOOIE!

My opponent was surprisingly not as impressed with the whole ordeal as I was?

Coolest thing I have seen yet in this game.

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Early war, the only German tank that can take out a KV-II is the Pz II Flammpanzer. Which, if you can get close enough, has a very good chance. Taking several Flammpanzer vs. a KV-II is an interesting, if highly unhistorical, exercise.

One problem - a near miss from a KV-II can disable a platoon of Fpz. So don't bunch them. smile.gif

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O'h, I've just had whole Platoons of Panzers wiped out by Russian OT-tanks, be they of T-26, T-34 or KV make. I've recently been play testing quite alot with swarming T-38s around T-34s and KVs with good results (only losing about half of them everytime) except against the OT-34. Even at five to one odds they still manage to FT the poor little buggers to toasted carcasses very bloody quickly and I lose all my cute little Czech Panzies! :eek:

Sounds like I ought to try'em T-38s against ATGs and FT teams, what do you reckon hey?

Edit: Tried'em against ATG's & FT & TH Teams, interesting results. Only the longer 76.2mm Field guns work out with the proper tactical deployment, but even so a well handled T-38 Panzer force can still roll it up satisfyingly- for a draw! ;)

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