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Stoffel is incorrect -

hsf is Hauptsturmführer, which is equivalent to a Hauptmann in the Heer or a captain in the British/Canadian armies.

A Major of the SS is called a Sturmbannführer.

Majors are battalion commanders in CM, not company commanders. This doesn't echo real life practice, incidentally, but ranks were rather fluid in the German Army; a Leutnant could conceivably (and in at least one instance actually did) command a Regiment if casualties were heavy enough.

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Originally posted by gravy:

This web site has military rank conversion tables for many countries.

For example this one: German ranks

I found them very useful when I started to play CM.


A better "conversion" table for enlisted ranks is at my site at


Most of the German enlisted ranks have no correspondence whatsoever to the English ranks listed on that page; certainly the responsibilities of the so-called equivalents listed there were much different.

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