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Check this out...

The most amazing move I've ever pulled off in CM. Soviet force attacking a German held village. The attack is going pretty well. I have a force on the left flank of the village heading through some forest, some Valentine tank destoyers in the centre pounding away at key buildings, and a smaller infanrty force moving up the right flank. Suddenly, the right flank force comes under heavy fire from MGs on the left and a battery of field guns on the right. Getting cut to pieces and I figure that they only have a couple of minutes left before they all die. Unfortunately, the only way to the guns is thourhg the middle of a the German held villge, so I can't afford to send my tank destroyers thorugh the middle and it will take too long to push the forece on the right flank throught to the guns. So I have to think quickly. Suddenly, I notice that they force on the right flank has a couple of jeeps at its disposal. So I load them up with a tank hunter unit each. And send them at full pelt throught the middle of the German lines. I seriously don't expect any of them to make it, but both jeeps speed through the lines (under very heavy enemy fire and indirect fire from my own guns- one stray round landed literally meters from one of the jeeps) and arrive at their destination just behind the field guns. Unfortunately a lucky couple of shots killed the driver of one of the jeep and one of the soldiers on board. But the remaining three charged through the forest behind the guns and managed to capture all 4 of them! 2 of the 3 were taken as casualities during the episode and all of the German prisoners escaped (as my troops didn't have enough time to escort them to a Soviet held area or enough ammo to execute them), but his allowed me to take the town and win a toal victory.

Hero of the Soviet Union stuff I feel

Any story that can beat that? I'd love to hear them

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