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Any Unbalanced Scenario Tourney coming up?

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Hello there (Treeburst, Nabla)!

I just wanted to ask if any unbalanced scen tournament is planned/coming up? I remember signing up in one prospect CMBB tourney when CMBB wasn't even finished.

Simply put, i just finished playing in one other tourney (lost miserably) that wasn't up to my taste and left me longing for something similar to Nordic Wannabe Tourney.


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Ehem... A reply due a long time ago, but here goes anyway. smile.gif

Since January, or something like that, I have devoted all of my spare free time to my other favorite hobby, fly fishing. Unfortunately I just don't have the time for CM any more, at least not for the time being.

When I was last visiting the board some time at the beginning of the year, Treeburst had just left the building, so to speak, because of the security leak in the RoW tournament. A quick search done a minute ago suggested that he has not come back.

Fortunately I noticed that RoW III is still running. It makes me very happy :D to see that the time and effort we put into the development of the system has not been washed down the drain.

I probably won't be visiting the board very frequently, but I can be contacted via email (see profile) at any time if necessary.

Have fun, and keep running those nail-biting tournaments!

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