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Where are the shots coming from?

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To add, CM realistically models that well, hidden, realtively small firing signature weapons like MGs are very difficult to spot at range. So beyond a certain distance, you'll never spot a well-hidden MG. Exactly how close you have to be to spot a firing MG on a number of conditions (who's trying to to the spotting, light conditions, cover, etc.).

So you may need to continue advancing units forward until someone gets close enough to the firing position to see something, or at least get a sound contact.

The good news is that at the long ranges where they can't be spotted, the MGs also aren't all that lethal, so you should be able to keep your men pressing forward without too many casualties so long as you keep the bounds short, give them chances to rest/recover morale, and use available cover.

Sometimes, you can use a bit of educated guessing to figure out likely locations. Ask yourself where you would put your MGs, if you were the enemy.



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YankeeDog hit the nail on the head. Use your LOS tool to help you narrow down the possible locations of that MG. It won't be sitting out in the open so odds are it's in some scattered trees, woods, a house, something like that. If you look around and see that the only place you're visible from is a cottage way way out there, and you're taking fire, pump a few HE's into that building and watch the gunfire magically disappear.

That or just keep moving. You're not likely to take many casualties from long range MG fire, as has been stated. Your biggest enemy is artillery. Keep 'em spread out.

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Originally posted by Falcon988:

....It won't be sitting out in the open so odds are it's in some scattered trees, woods, a house, something like that.

Remember, though, that the MG or squad could be in a trench located in open ground. You can't spot the trench outside of 200 m.
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Sometimes under those condition you have to force your guys into moving. With a simple 'Move' command they'lll drop & crawl. I find giving them a short 'Advance + Hide' command combos (not enough of a distance to tire them) helps them get from point A to point B with less crawling. Advance will get them to cover the ground, Hide at the end will keep their heads down so they don't get spooked. Repeat as necessary.

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