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A full list of Russian wavs with translation, and translit!

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Originally posted by Madmatt:

It is either a REACTION to something (like being fired on) an ENGAGEMENT to something (like shooting at a tank) a MOVEMENT (like a order to run or assault) or an AMBIENT (like normal soldier chatter).

Okay. Any chance of moving Finnish phrase

"Seis, tuolla on vihollinen!" Halt, enemies over there! 00043801.wav

out of the "ambient" category? I'm getting sick + tired of hearing that over and over again.

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cheers for the list WP, it will cerainly add to my enjoyment.

everybody probably knows this but:

british are called limeys as the royal navy found that limes where the fruits that would keep longest & contain a lot of vitamin C. therefore all british sailors used to get given them on board ship to keep away scurvy.

so being called a "limey" is the same as saying "you don't have scurvy".

which is nice.

[ February 24, 2003, 09:41 AM: Message edited by: Other Means ]

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Wow, this is amazing! Congrats to all involved!

What makes me sad though, is that since I don't speak any of the languages in the game, this incredibly immersive element is completely lost on me. I rarely even notice the voices.

Thinking back to CMBBO classics like "My leg!!" or even the simple "yes sir!", it makes me wish that back then we had had such a wealth of sounds. It would force you to spend every turn at level 1 just to hear what they had to say!


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