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Terrain question

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Something I've wanted to know the answer to for a while...

Let's say, for example, that I have an infantry unit that graphically is right next to a crater, but clearly is not in it yet. However, on the unit information at the bottom of the screen, it shows his current terrain as being "crater". Is he actually in the crater even though it doesn't look like it? And if so, since I can't see him in it, is he perhaps only receiving partial benefit from it at this point since he doesn't appear to be in it?

This question is obviously not just regarding craters - it applies to all terrain types.

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If it says, at the bottom, that the unit is in the terrain, then it is in it, and getting all the benefits that apply.

(at least, that's what I've always thought, and seemed to observe!)

If it doesn't appear graphically that way, it's because the shape of terrain effect doesn't quite match the graphics. Usually it's the opposite to what you have said: something can appear to be in woods, on the corner, and actually still be in open.

Oh - I've never really noticed "partial" effects, except clearly as things get deeper into woods they are harder to see.


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