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Tiger I 's S mine

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Yes, I believe Brightblade is talking about "in the game" as well.

Both in the Game and in Real Life, some late-war German AFVs (Including late versions of the Tiger I) had a weapon called a "Nahverteidigungswaffe", which translates into English as "Close Defense Weapon".

If you want more detailed info, a search will turn up quite a bit of info - I might suggest looking in the CMBO forum archives as well. While technically a grenade launcher, in effect it was not dissimilar to an S-mine.



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Originally posted by bolton:

i mean in this game(cmbb)

And so does Brightblade. The Nahverteidigungswaffe or Nahbereichswaffe is a kind of grenade launcher on the turrets of some GE tanks. Designed for close defence vs enemy infantry it throws some grenades. The intention of the device is to kill nearby squads, and according to reports on this board (never have my tanks so close to inf) it sometimes does work well in CMBB.

The weapon is mentioned in the unit info screen of Tigers



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Bolton...what version of th Tiger I were you using at the time???

In CMBB there are 3 distinct versions of the Tiger I

The Tiger ( Pz VI E early ) has 6 smoke launchers ..3 either side of the turret.These were 90mm smoke candles.

The Tiger ( Pz VI E ) is the MID Production version.

The S mine throwers were only fitted to some of the last / early and mid production Tigers.

These throwers were 100mm in diameter and they launched a S-mine containing 360 ball bearings.

Then you have the Tiger (Pz VI Late )

This vehicle was fitted with the Nahverteidigungswaffe which was a device that could fire mortar /smoke / fragmentation grenades ( looking at pictures these grenades were in the scale of 90-100mm ) as well as the 26mm APgrenades we see popping out of the turret from the Tiger I late.

The 26mm grenades had a supposed lethal zone of something like 100m.



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