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Which version of CMBB to buy?

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Hi everyone,

I saw a SPECIAL EDITION retail box version of CMBB being sold elsewhere online that includes 50 additional scenarios. Does the latest version being sold on the battlefront website contain these extra goodies as well? I'm wondering which version to buy.



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I don't believe that the version sold directly from Battlefront has the extra scenarios on it, but I am not sure. However, if you were to buy the version from Battlefront, you can download those scenarios, and more, for free, from various sites such as The Scenario Depot, I wish it was Der Kessel, Boots and Tracks, and others. It depends on what you are looking for, price or service.

One of the best things about Combat Mission is the multitude of scenarios designed by other players you can download for free. I wouldn't necessarily base your choice on the scenarios if you're willing to put in a little time to make the downloads. Now the CDV version, or whatever it is you're looking at, might be cheaper than what you can get it for from this website. But the customer service they offer here is the best I have ever seen from an online company.

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as stoat pointed out, you can get scenarios from many websites. all other things being equal, I would buy it from the Battlefront website, so that they make a bit more from the sale. We want these guys well-funded to keep cranking out these games!

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