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RobO campaign strategy

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I've done 5 battles with a company of panzergrenaders, none of them have been too hairy. When forward elements do get elminated I make sure they are not of the core force ;)

Anyway, my 6th battle I have a big problem. The battle pts just cleared the number of points my company is worth, and it was going up against a random force. It turned out this force was 95% tanks with a platoon and a half of supporting infantry, who are advancing in front of the tanks. Right now the tanks are busy running into each other (oh how do I wish I had large calibre arty) but soon they will crest the hill to come into view of my main force. I have one full ID of a T-34 and I'm pretty sure it's a full platoon, plus a platoon of light tanks. It's a delay action, what should I do? I don't want my whole force annihilated, as a good half a platoon is already gone and a HMG is down.

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Always set up so you can run away. (Guess it's too late for this).

Reverse slope with lookouts.

Never set up ahead of the flags if you are not sure you can hold the ground - or run before you are doomed.

Always include some decent AT in your core.

Set up MGs so they can fire from distance - at 200m in decent covers they are usually just sound contacts.

What you can do now: Hide. Ambush the little inf the AI has. Maybe scarifice a plt for a holding action while the rest withdraws.

A fighting withdrawal is probably the hardest maneuver to master! So plan early (cf above :D )



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