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Corrupt Files in Scenario Depot save.

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Hi everyone!

It was pointed out to me that some of the files that I recovered and included in the Scenario Depot save were not loading into CMBB.. Upon investiation I have found 13 files that do not show up in the Scenarios list when loaded into CMBB.

As Philippe pointed out it looks like an extra label has been added to the program, more likely when zipped, and I have not been able to recover these files... So I ask the community, if anyone has a working copy of the following files could you please forward me a copy.

Thank you in advance.

The Files are as follows:

Beating the Bushes

Continuation War

CSDT SH-1 Ambushed

CSDT SH-2 Battle for Seelow

CSDT SH-5 Hidden Foe

CSDT To the Last

CSDT Without Cover

CSDT B3 Bad Break

CSDT B4 Tanks and Grain

CSDT B8 Nord

CSDT B9 Death Trap

CSDT B18 Armour at Berestechko

Minsk June 41


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Thank You Sergei, and Pzman for your hard work and taking the time to indulge in my obsession.

Once I get replacement files for the corrupted files together, I will post them at CMMODS.

I will also be going thru the collections of CMAK and CMBO files in the next week or so and verify if there are any files suffering from the same fate.

Still in search of the following 4 scenario's if they are still out there!!!

Beating the Bushes

CSDT To the Last

CSDT Without Cover

Minsk June 41

[ December 26, 2005, 07:54 PM: Message edited by: BirdGunner ]

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Birdgunner et al.,

Thanks so much for checking this out and hunting these down...in a twisted kind of way, I'm glad the weirdness I found when digging through these scenarios originally is not just my imagination!

Looking forward to getting clean versions of these and other scenarios.

Thanks again to you and Philippe!

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