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Quick Q regarding QB’s and PBEM

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New to PBEM, and am going to setup a quick battle for the first time with my brother. We’ve only played the stock battles against each other.

When setting up the game… there comes a point after selecting the points where you go and “buy” your troops.

If I’m Axis and setting up the game, do I have to purchase the Allied troops, or does the Allies do that when I send them the first file?

I.E. Will I have to have my bro tell me what units he wants during the setup – or does he get to purchase them without me knowing what he’s going to get.

Curious, because I can see potential for abuse, if one is not honest, and one guy has to buy troops for both sides.

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In the setup screen, where you select the setting for your engagement - ie, date, types of forces, amount of points - there is a selection where you can choose who selects the forces for either party.

For PBEM it's easy, for Axis you choose "human select" (or whatever it was, I don't remember exactly), and for Allies the same, "human select". When you're playing against the AI, you might want to have the AI to choose for itself. But in PBEM, it's best to stick to "human select".

Wouldn't make sense if one was to buy for both parties, would it ? ;)

Good Night, and Good Luck in your fight ! Show your bro what you're made of ! ;)

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When I'm setting up a Quick Battle, I prefer to have CM select the forces. I believe it's a more interesting challenge to make the best use of the units received instead of "cherry picking" from the many possible units available.

CM has dealt me many surprises. I once got a platoon of German 20mm AAA guns in my defending force mix, where I'd probably have chosen one or two AFVs instead. One of those guns immobilized one allied tank and damaged the gun of another before being destroyed by a third. It made for an exciting game.

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20mm flak is the devil, great gun for knocking out guns or finding a weak spot due to their high rate of fire and high velocity on target.

Sometimes I am indifferent, other times I wouldnt mind seeing what human selected forces can do.

Right now I am in a QB where I am defending with a depleted company with 2 MG42s, 1x81 mortar, bunch of minefields, trenches, and barbed wire and a single 75mm pak. Knocked out a couple of light armor vehicles and waiting for him to make a rush over the open plains to my defensive positions smile.gif

This was computer purchased, kind of fun having to make due with what you get.

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