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Bug in the scenario editor ?

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Battlefront Team,

I'm working on a operation for a long time now. After finishing it I tried to play it against the AI. But the interface doesn't allow me to choose "1 player". Why can't I play it against the computer ? :confused:

I have built scenarios before but this problem never occurred to me. Only with the "tournament save" option I got non-AI-playable operations. This operation isn't saved with "Tournament save" option!


Can you please help me out? A lot of CM players are waiting for the release of this next mission of Operation Störfang

With kind regards,

icon_bbs.gif Eichenbaum

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Originally posted by Kingfish:

You have three options:

1) Play against the computer, but must play the German side

2) Play against another human

3) Design the Op to depict the troops already having used the boats, and show up on the shore as reinforcements

I was thinking of another possibility during the last assault boat thread--if it's critical that the assault crossing take place "on screen," what about making the water Deep Ford terrain instead? It would still be impassable to vehicles, but AI infantry wouldn't need the boats. I haven't tested, but I suppose it would depend on how similar move speed and exposure to fire are in a ford vs. in a boat.
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Soddball, not a bug, you just didn't read the manual thoroughly enough smile.gif You need to "switch sides" first before being able to do that (applies only to the editor). Check the hotkey listing in the game. I believe it's the \ key to switch between Axis and Allies. That way you can also "save" the camera position, i.e. both players will first see when they enter the game what you point the camera at when you leave the map preview screen.


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