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Units in NEW battles/operations HOW DO YOU ???

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I have recently opened up the scenario editor to make a scenario - tough decision. smile.gif

However something very bad happens and I am not sure if it is because I am cursed by one of Hitler's astrologers. On the initial preview screen in the editor, units ( ie: platoons) do not collectively move ( like IN a set up of a scenario).

That is all units have to be moved INDIVIDUALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! :mad:

This is almost a " slam dunk" in people NEVER making large scenarios it is just MILES too inconvenient.

Does anyone have a fix/ idea ?

Did Steve really want this to happen, doesn't he care for the band of scenario makers who toil ( now an everlasting toil) in providing food to the masses???

Thank you

Please help......

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Nah..I know what he means..you have to hit the \ or the / key..one of em does it..this is in the scenario editor and I got caught with that and it is a nightmare to move a soviet battalion one unit at a time..so switch sides to move units....whole lot easier.

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