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"Medium" troops different from CMBO

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Hi all,

Although CMBB has spoiled me to the point where I can't play CMBO anymore, there is one setting from the old game which I miss and would be quite compatible with CMBB.

In CMBO "medium" troops in a QB purchase were either regular or veteran, depending on how many points you wanted to spend. I liked being able to get a good set of regular troops for a decent price and then spend a little extra on veteran troops who were more important to my battle plan.

In CMBB "medium" troops are either green or regular, and I need to go up to the really expensive troops to get any veterans at all. Unfortunately, that would require that ALL of my troops are at least veteran and therefore quite pricey.

Is there a way (apart from doing unit purchasing in the scenario editor) that I can purchase mixes of both regular and veteran troops in CMBB? Any insight as to why this was changed?


Dr. Rosenrosen

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Set quality to 'unrestricted', that way you can choose any quality you want for your troops. I think this was changed due to the fact that medium quality troops most likely were what CM:BB calls 'green' or 'regular' and 'veteran' troops are then classified as high quality troops.

Makes sense IMO.

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