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New Hi-res watery marsh mod

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Originally posted by Vergeltungswaffe:

Beautiful as always, Tanks.

I like junk2drive's idea of renumbering with +30000 for NA.

Thanks. smile.gif

I like the idea too. Saves me from coming up with a whole new marsh. ;)

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i took the original marsh and renumbered to the wheat (bb and ak) for pto. some good maps out there for pto with wheat on them. der kessel maps come to mind. anyway i get this battle (burma relief by hans) in na with ugly swamps pale green, pink treebases, dead grass and softground. so i copy and renumber all the green bmps for na. and brits and tanks and trucks.

now i'm happy to have a nice swamp with cattails and lilypads. smile.gif

and jungle

i'll post some shots


all cmak, bottom pic is before, top pic is na arid, second is na dirt

[ March 15, 2004, 09:36 PM: Message edited by: junk2drive ]

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Very nice swamp. Looks better than the original. I like the concept of high-res mods. I have seen requests for low-res doodads and understand that if you have a PC that is a little low on horsepower this helps. My PC has no problems with graphics. I love the high-res, detailed stuff. It really makes playing that much more enjoyable.

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