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Green Armour...

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SPOILER alert!

I lost 16 BT7's for the destruction of only 2 StuG As [don't laugh too loud] in that 'Wittmans cross of Iron', twas' a great senario too!

I had amassed the BT's into one large group so as not to fritter away in pennypackets, but this was soul destroying watching these green/conscripts run the gaunlet to get that flank shot, only to be swatted one after another by vet/crack StuGs..

I was using the S&S commands (Q) but found that some of the BT's reversing! in the last waypoint. Yeah, panic an shock doesn't help either.

I had similar experiences in another senario with green IS-2's thats used in the CMBB manual.

The next lot of green armour I get, I'll send straight back to the Urals...

Any clues to successful green armour usage would be appreiciated

PS I managed a 55/45 draw, My green Inf. did stirling work hiding with short covered arcs in the towns :D

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I found that the experience level of tank crews is much more important than in any other unit. When I get green or conscript crews I really have to coddle them and not expect much from them. Try not to move them and place them for ambush otherwise they will get bogged down or reverse toward the enemy or something else really stupid. Plus grouping them togther is imperitive as well as keeping the HQ unit out of harms way. With these crews I always put the hq unit in the back of the formation. Inexperienced crews without leadership are pretty much useless.

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