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CMMOS4.03 Errors

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I get this error when attempting to use a few of the mods:

Cannot create file (path)(filename)

The path and filename are the location path and name of the mod within the CMMOS directory. It happens with the DS_SV_Tracks_CMMOS_hr.zip, DS_SdKfz251-10AusfC_CMMOS_hr.zip, and Juju_Smallarms_CMMOS.zip, (the smallarms advanced options only, the Juju Smallarms mod loads fine). I think there are a couple others, but you get the idea. The error happens right after the CMMOS button is selected for the mod to be loaded into CMBB. And looks like this, only difference being the file name at the end reflects the file name of the mod which is selected within CMMOS:

Cannot create file D:\GEM Software Productions\CM Mod Option Selector\CMBB\Mods\DS_SdKfz251-10AusfC_CMMOS_hr.zip.

The errors happened on original install of 4.03 over 4.02, and continues to happen now with a fresh install of 4.03, to include a fresh install of all rulesets and all mods. All rulesets and mods were loaded into CMMOS 4.03, without error.

Anyone else run into this?

[ January 27, 2003, 10:12 AM: Message edited by: Bruno Weiss ]

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