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Ice busting

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Is it possible to break the ice on a frozen river underneath a squad as it crosses? I've made an attempt to search the archives but have found nothing. I'm playing a cool little QB...german airborne troops defending a town against a russian guards unit. The premise is the AB units need to hold for x minutes for reinforcements.

Anyhow, the village sits behind a river (nice defensive posture), but the river is frozen. That kind of negates the defensive aspect of it, since I now must defend the entire river length vice just the fords and bridges.

So far I've had no luck, using both lite mortars and area fire from squads. Any suggestions, and could this be added if not currently possible?

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You can't break the ice in anyway shape or form.

If making a QB or a scenario for that matter, don't set the Temperature at Forzen of Extreme Cold, then you'll have open water.

Also in case you didn't know, AFV's can't drive on the ice, even ford's can't be used by AFV's to cross with frozen water.

You could save the QB, then open it up in the Editor and reset the temperature to say.. Cold, then you'll have an open water barrier.

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Dang. I knew the AFV's couldn't drive across ice. Was hoping to open up the river underneath the soviets as they attacked my positions. That would have been a nice trick.

It's too bad, btw. I do know that this was done during WWII, but believe it was the Finns against the Russians. Not too sure, would have to check my books.


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