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Help on setting up

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The weakest part of my game is the SETUP.

Every game I seem to have a gun out of position. My spotters are either too far foward (and die) or two far back and can't see squat. I move them forward and they die.

On offense my infantry is facing the strongest of the MLR.

On defense I'm always out flanked.

What's the problem here?

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Lack of experience. I have the same problem too. I'm sure you read the stuff about anticipating what the other guy is going to do.

I find that having some sort of plan when things go ugly helps. Keeping enough soldiers in reserve to reinforce wherever necessary. And being flexible, so that you can change portions of your plan without the whole plan falling apart.

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help on setting up...?

it takes me quite a long time to sort out what units i have, especially if i let the computer buy stuff for me. its alot easier if i have already hand picked units.

thats one thing that iritates the crap out of me about QB's. how can i pick good stuff if i dont know the map? thats why i let the puter decided. takes the responsibility of me.

anyway, 'general' colt, have a close look at what you got, the terrain, and make some plan on how to achieve your objective, and then decided the best routes for your units to take, to achieve those objectives. its really the whole reason for playing this game! can your logical and well thought out plan defeat your opponents? this goes back to the tactics versus strategy idea. your overall plan is the strategy, while moving your tanks and inf up that road is tactical.

if you cant think of a good plan, you're in big trouble.

one of my recent great plans was going tits well on the weekend, until 4 german SP's 're-inforced' on my 6 o'clock. plus the tiger's and other assorted goodies approached my frontage. fortunately i had a decent battery of light AT guns covering the rear, and they made quick work of the interlopers. i had scoped the terrain, and determined the best place to put those guns, was right near their original deployment.

spend a few minutes to study the terrain, make a plan. your a general, u can do it!


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It may help you to look at the map at ground level. Get an idea of attack lanes, where cover is, where ambushes may be set, where blind spots might be. Doesn't matter if you are attacking or defending you need to know how the terrain favors the attacker or defender. Then set your forces accordingly.

The part about anticipating the other guys setup simply means that you figure he will do what you would do. If you were on defense where would you set your defense according to the terrain advantages and disadvantages. Same thing holds true for the attakcer.

Hope this helps you some.

Good Hunting.

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Jason C does write great posts.

On defense my 2 cents is that even if your guys aren't in great positions think 10 times before moving them - they get cut to pieces between cover and lose the advantage of foxholes, and you might lose ammo on your mortars and they can't hit TRP's once moved. Sometimes sticking to a not-so-good plan is better than taking big lumps trying to fix it.

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