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World At War Novel Series

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Anyone read these novels? They take place during an alien invasion during WW2. The aliens are smallish lizard creatures that are similar to us in many ways and have military forces that strongly resemble that of the modern US army.

For those of you that have read the book, wouldn't this make a cool mod? Don't ask how helicopters would be modeled, but theres plenty of room for tanks, infantry, armorerd cars, and air strikes.

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I read the first three and then got tired with them, Turtledove's habit of spending the first part of each book telling the reader what had happened in the previous book quickly got on my nerves. Lord of the Rings and War and Peace would both have been about six books each at that rate. A good idea that could have done with a good editor.

I did think at the time that Steel Panthers 3 could be used to create scenarios as the Aliens' weaponry was basically modern US kit, but probably not CM as there are no M1A1s or Bradleys.

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Those damned books are horribly addictive. I know the author's personal politics shine through on practically every page and I frequently expect to hear any given British character say "We're totally powerless, we'll have to ask the Americans for help!" but I still can't help but read them.

The Race are amusing villains, even if their characterisation has a very 1950's feel to it.

The idea of a CM meets The Race mod is really very appealing...

Of course, you'd need 'Dora' to re-enact one of the funnier scenes in the early books.

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I gave up after the first 4.

I found it tiresome that so much time was devoted to characters that were not involved in the final story in any way.

Of course they might have something to do with the later books set in the 60's (?)

I read the Wheel of Time and have only space for 1 indulgent writer.

Turtledove's Guns of the South was a much better read.

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There is a Turtledove website with a chronological listing of the novels that you can find through Yahoo.

The concern of helicopters is still a big one, since they're such a big part of combat in the book. However, I see no reason why the rest of the engine would be hard to modify. The Lizards have really good tanks, artillery, and firepower, with pretty weak tactics and inexperienced men. A mod for this would be great; I'm surprised no one has done a mod for it through any systems.

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